Chem-Index Microhematocrit Centrifuge DSC030MH, 24-places, 110VAC.  Cat.No.CHESVDSC030MHEA

The determination of microhematocrit values is widely used in the clinical laboratory as a quantitative test of red cell and plasma content in the blood. The hematocrit is defined as the ratio of packed cell volume to the volume of the original blood sample expressed as a percentage. The value is obtained by centrifugation of micro samples of blood in heparinized capillary tubes at very high speeds, approximately 11,500 rpm for 5 minutes. After centrifugation, the sample appears separated into a column of packed red cells and a column of clear plasma. The hematocrit value is then obtained from the microhematocrit reader, which is supplied and is defined as: Hematocrit = (Length of column of packed red cell X 100)/(Length of Blood Sample). Dimensions: Diameter 8 3/4? x 8 1/4? High; Net Weight: 20 lbs. Drive Motor: DC Volt Brush Motor Direct Drive; RPM: to 10,000+; Voltage: 110V AC 50/60 Hz; Place: 24

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