Chem-Index Water Bath WB-500E (110V)  Cat. No. CHESVWB500EEA

The Chem-Index Thermostatic Bath Model 500E is an economical waterbath and ideally suited for the clinical, chemical and industrial laboratory applications. A one-piece seamless, stainless steel chamber with no interior seams allows for easy cleaning and eliminates leakage of water into the electrical components. The control panel is also protected from water spillage by being not only vertically mounted but also inset from the front edge of the chamber. Overall Dimensions 11″ Wide x 8-1/2″ High x 15″Depth; Chamber Size 9-1/2″ Wide x 6″ High x 11-1/2″ depth; Chamber Capacity 5 Liters; Weight 17 lbs.

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Price: $900.00
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